About us

MezzeBox is a meal delivery service for the Washington D.C. metro area. We make delicious and healthy meals using authentic Lebanese recipes, and deliver them to your door. We use fresh, whole ingredients drawn from the Mediterranean diet - whole grains and flat breads, fresh vegetables, healthy oils and fragrant spices. We prepare all our food with love and in small batches, using family recipes handed down from generation to generation. 


Who We Are: 

MezzeBox founder Johnny Seikaly grew up between Lebanon and the United States, eating some of the best food in the world out of his mother's kitchen. After starting a family of his own, he set out to preserve his family's traditional recipes so that his kids could enjoy the same comfort foods he grew up with. He sought out the great family cooks to learn the recipes and techniques, and he is now happy to pass on the family secret to you: by eating well, one lives well and finds happiness.


Where We Are:

MezzeBox is proudly based in Washington D.C. We provide meal delivery everywhere in D.C., and to parts of Maryland and Virginia.

For catering and event service areas, please contact us.


How to Reach Us:

We'd love to hear from you.  You can contact us at info@mezzeboxdc.com, or by phone at 202-738-5795.

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